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I have lived long enough to realize that the old adage, "Still waters run deep", is very real.  Krystal Bailey, the valedictorian of the 2012 graduating class of the  Westchester Area School, is a classic example.  Quiet, respectful, self motivated, and contented to be wholly engrossed in a good book, Krystal's academic prowess follows her wherever she goes.

Krysal is currently enrolled at the Dewitt Clinton High School in the Bronx.(She was exempted from doing the regular Living Environment Regents Course in her high school because she passed it with honors at Westchester Area School).  She has earned an average of 96% (a straight "A" average) and has been accepted into the "Einstein Program", which is the highest honor program offered at that high school.  But I must admit that I am not totally surprised.  You have to anticipate great things from a person who has decided, and is in the process of teaching herself Chinese!!!!

Krystal will blush and hold her head down when she reads this on our website because that is who she is.  One who shies away from the limelight, whose preference is to remain in the background.   Shy though she may be, her academic ambition, drive, and determination will thrust her to the forefront every time.  
Brilliance cannot be hidden.

Congratulations Krystal Bailey!!!!!
Your Westchester Area School family could not be any more proud of you than we are right now.
Keep on pushing!!!!