The philosophy of  S.D.A. education is reflected at all levels of the rigorous academic program. S.D.A. Education provides for the total development of the child. It seeks to restore in him/her the image of his Creator, as well as to enable him/her to live well with their fellow man.  
The following subjects are taught:- 
Math  Language arts  Writing 
Social Studies  Reading 
Health & Safety Physical Ed.
Spelling Music 
Social Skills French
 Science   Computer Skills
Through a study of  Bible themes, students learn to improve their characters and to 
work responsibly with others. 
Co-curricular programs include Community Outreach, Black History 
Programs, Sports, Pottery Class, Bell and Vocal Choirs, Orchestra, Bible Memory 
Gems and Spelling Bee, Science Fair.
Westchester Area School conducts the following clubs, most of which meet after school:
The financial Club
French Club
Science(Astronomy) Club
Debating Club
Robotics Club

 After School Programs 

 After school tutoring is available in the following areas:-

•  Math 

•  English 

•  Reading 

•  Music 

•  Keyboarding 

•  Computer Science 


Summer Program

Westchester Area School Summer Program is designed to: 

•  Provide academic enrichment  

•  Stimulate physical growth through sports 

•  Cultivate creativity through arts and crafts  

•  Provide remediation as needed  

•  Cater for holistic education through weekly field trips.  

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